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Grandma’s White Glove

It all seems so simple on the face of it: you’re Gen-X and the issue of tolerance was part of your social consciousness, and yet here you are in the land that tolerance promised and it’s all just dust. Your grandma is running her white glove over your TV stand, saying “Child, we told your parents their music sucked, their movements sucked, and now look at this mess.”

But you know grandma might have rolled up her sleeves in that factory back in the 40s, but somehow that didn’t actually mean equality, it just meant it’s awful…

Shrodinger’s Doctorate

Ok, so I’m going to tell you something academia trained me to do that is actually maddening and terrible and limiting.

I’m gonna call it “Shroedinger’s Doctorate” but I’m gonna mess with the idea. I’m using the thought experiment loosely.

Here we go:

If someone gives me information or asks me to follow their “serious” content or their podcast, etc, and I’m enthusiastically interested and it sounds cool…..I need credentials.

Yeah. I need credentials. Never-mind that I constantly say things like “everyone had something to teach me” (I mean that) or that one can independently learn or learn…

After Mother’s Day: When Grief Transforms

I want to talk to the ones who were separated from their mothers on the day we commemorate them.

Yesterday, I spent over an hour going through old journals and looking through photos to find a different one to share — it’s always one of the same two, this being one you’ve seen again and again — but all I could feel was the absence. I talk to her sometimes, but she only responds in my dreams.

I wanted to find evidence of life. I wanted to find a tangible, external representation of the…

Boring transition: The Pandemic Team

We are in the worst medical nightmare in a century, and our new president-elect has chosen to be flagrantly responsible. I mean, you would think that this president doesn’t understand that “content is king”at all.

Based on his choices for the COVID-19 Advisory Board, you’d think Joe Biden knows nothing about the news. Nothing. He clearly doesn’t understand that we are trapped in our homes drinking, and the only thing we are living for is the anxiety of the next sweepingly dismissive insult to someone who doesn’t even deserve it. …

Doc Red

Doc Red has a doctorate in early modern English and early American literature, focusing on historiography and critical theory. But wants to talk about more.

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